About Agora Homes

Agora Homes has been in the residential construction business within the United States since 2012

Our initial projects began in San Antonio, Texas but have spread across the state, stretching from Dallas down to the Gulf Coast. However, San Antonio is where we created our premier residential development, located in the desirable and high-end Dominion neighborhood.

We desire to create a luxurious experience of belonging when you work with Agora Homes. This experience is always present within every aspect of the spaces that we develop, whether it be residential or commercial.

Agora Homes is a subsidiary of Grupo Inmobiliario Agora, a residential and commercial developer based out of Monterrey, Mexico. Grupo Inmobiliario Agora has more than three decades of experience in the development of exclusive and innovative projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial sectors.

Being one of the fastest growing real estate companies, Agora is characterized by its commitment to maintain a high level of quality in its constructions. Thousands of families have relied on us to build high-quality homes with functional and creative spaces. We are dedicated, now more than ever, to provide value and inspiration to our new homes, so that we can ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.